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Old Leaky Drain Covered Up

pitch drain1 pitch drain4

This internal drain was leaking either in the plumbing below the roof line or around the flashing, The owner wanted it covered over and in thus doing it would not poise a problem in the water getting off the roof – so it got covered up.


Solar Attic Vent Install

O-tv1 O-tv2O-tv3


Installation of a Solar Attic Vent Fan on a Tile Roof.    Solar Venting is a Good way to help cool the attic area on hot Sunny Days without negative impact to your electric bill.

Large Vent Repair

e vent1 e vent2 e vent3 e vent4 e vent5 e vent6


This large ten foot long ridge vent had been damaged probably during a high wind storm. It was missing some pieces. So we shop fabricated out of thick heavy gauge non corroding aluminum metal the parts that were missing. We then installed them with more straps for a secure mounting. No rusting out for these new pieces.