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Old Leaky Drain Covered Up

pitch drain1 pitch drain4

This internal drain was leaking either in the plumbing below the roof line or around the flashing, The owner wanted it covered over and in thus doing it would not poise a problem in the water getting off the roof – so it got covered up.


Large Vent Repair

e vent1 e vent2 e vent3 e vent4 e vent5 e vent6


This large ten foot long ridge vent had been damaged probably during a high wind storm. It was missing some pieces. So we shop fabricated out of thick heavy gauge non corroding aluminum metal the parts that were missing. We then installed them with more straps for a secure mounting. No rusting out for these new pieces.

Chimney Siding Replaced

D C1 D C2 D C3 D C4 D C5 D C6 D C11 D C14 D C16 D C17This chimney siding was going bad and rotted in some ares including the trim boards. So we removed the siding.  A water barrier had never been installed behind the siding. We installed a heavy barrier and put on new Hardiplank siding. We then sealed all the joints with a high grade caulking sealant. It was ready for the painter to paint when we left it. Homeowner and neighbor commented on how nice it looked now even before the painting.

Beware of Handyman Work

handman 6 handyman 7 handyman repair1 handyman repair2 handyman repair4


These are some of the many things we find that the “handyman” who “knows about roofing and how to do it” have left behind. Beware!!  Most of these cost you much more  $$  in the long run after you have had to pay them  $   (usually to do it wrong) and then for all the damage it causes $$   Then to have a real company take it apart  $  and do it right the second time $.  Wow – did we really save?

So be money $mart and hire a licensed company from the start    : -)