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I have been roofing in florida area since 1976. i have worked on all types of roofs. If you want experience and the know how to repair and fix your leaks , then give me a call. I am currently servicing - Ormond Beach ,Daytona Beach,Port Orange,DeLand,Debary,Deltona,Lake Helen,Sanford,Lake Mary,Longwood,Osteen,WinterPark,Apopka areas. Cassleberry,Apopka, 386-748-8858

Old Leaky Drain Covered Up

pitch drain1 pitch drain4

This internal drain was leaking either in the plumbing below the roof line or around the flashing, The owner wanted it covered over and in thus doing it would not poise a problem in the water getting off the roof – so it got covered up.


Bad Edge Repair

bad b 1 bad b 2 bad b 3 bad b 4 bad b 6 This was attempted to be fixed by a non professional roofer.

The bad wood was changed out for new and of coarse new underlayment , drip edge and shingles. All corrected now and leak free

Sealoflex Deck Repair

Sealoflex1 Sealoflex2 Sealoflex3 Sealoflex4 Sealoflex5 Sealoflex6

This deck had a small pinhole in it.Over time it damaged the wood decking. So a area of deck was removed and new wood put back in place.   Then Sealoflex system was installed –  No more water entry. In the process a visitor( The Turtle) came to inspect this project  but was told he couldn’t be of any assistance here (as he didn’t have a hardhat or safety glasses), So was promptly escorted away from the job site.   Sealofex decks need to be maintained and it is recommended that a coat be applied once every five years. We offer this service.


Bad Bottom Edge Repaired

BadBottom1This edge was leaking and had damaged the wood.

BadBottom2 BadBottom3

The bad wood is exposed for repair.

BadBottom4 New wood is installedBadBottom8All back together now and leak free.

This roof was leaking in at the bottom edge. It was never installed properly. So it was taken apart and the bad wood removed installing new.  It also got new underlayment , drip metal and shingles. This time all properly installed.

Low Slope Roof Re-Roofed


E Rich 1 E Rich 4 Above left is the old leaky roll roofing – To the right is the new underlayment after the old was removed.

E Rich 5E Rich 6

This is the finished roof with a new white modified cap sheet installed on it.