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Sealoflex Deck Repair

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This deck had a small pinhole in it.Over time it damaged the wood decking. So a area of deck was removed and new wood put back in place.   Then Sealoflex system was installed –  No more water entry. In the process a visitor( The Turtle) came to inspect this project  but was told he couldn’t be of any assistance here (as he didn’t have a hardhat or safety glasses), So was promptly escorted away from the job site.   Sealofex decks need to be maintained and it is recommended that a coat be applied once every five years. We offer this service.


Chimney Siding Replaced

D C1 D C2 D C3 D C4 D C5 D C6 D C11 D C14 D C16 D C17This chimney siding was going bad and rotted in some ares including the trim boards. So we removed the siding.  A water barrier had never been installed behind the siding. We installed a heavy barrier and put on new Hardiplank siding. We then sealed all the joints with a high grade caulking sealant. It was ready for the painter to paint when we left it. Homeowner and neighbor commented on how nice it looked now even before the painting.