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Skylight Replacement

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These old plastic skylights were leaking and the homeowner wanted them changed out. So we removed them and replaced some bad wood , then installed new Glass skylights.  Now it is all leak free.

Shingle Leak Repair

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This was repaired by another roofing company but they didn’t fix the leak.  So we were called out and did a repair.  We had to put some new rafter boards in and change out the bad decking. This fixed the leak!        We can fix your leaks too – just give us a text or call us.

Low Slope Roof Leak – Repaired

deland dv1 deland dv2 deland dv3 deland dv4 deland dv5 deland dv6 deland dv7 deland dv8 deland dv9 deland dv10 deland dv11 deland dv12 deland dv13 deland dv14 deland dv15 deland dv16 deland dv17 deland dv18 deland dv19 deland dv20This low slope roof area was leaking. They originally had installed shingles in it. After it began to leak  the home owners had hired someone to repair it (Not a Roofing Company). They installed architectural shingles down the edge by the wall and cap shingles over the existing ones on the hip area – needless to say it didn’t fix anything , it still leaked. So we tore it all up and replaced the bad decking , put down a new modified two ply system and new shingles.  After a heavy rain that evening the homeowners watched for any sign of water leak and were very happy to report  ” We have no more leaks. ”               Another leak – repaired.

Hole In Roof – Repaired

hole1 hole2 hole5 hole9 hole10


This was a bad leak. As we peeled the layers away the damage was exposed.So we removed all the bad wood and put in new pressure treated lumber and new plywood decking. And of course new underlayment, new drip metal and new shingles.

Repair to Leaking Valley

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This valley at the wall was leaking due to poor installation. The wood had rotted out under the wall. So we took it out and installed new plywood , underlayment and shingles. No issues with it since it was done in early 2014. Owner has referred us to several others with same problem.

Roof Repair to Flat area

wall1 wall2 wall3 wall4 wall5 wall6 wall7

This roof was a mess and leaking when we arrived on site.We had to first pressure wash it to clean it up for preparation of the new roofing. After it was all cleaned up , we could then begin the installation of the new roofing materials.

Repair To a Shingle Leak

shngl rpr1This area was leaking into room below.

shngl rpr2 shngl rpr3

Some areas where water was sitting under shingles – corroding fasteners.

shngl rpr5New peel and stick dry in installed.

shngl rpr6 shngl rpr7

New shingles installed – no more leak!


Tile Roof Repair

t repair1 t repair3 t repair5 t repair8 t repair9 t repair10 t repair12 t repair13


This tile roof had a leak in it. So we removed the tiles , underlayment and bad wood.We installed new plywood new peel and stick underlayment and tiles.The owner was very happy and hasn’t had any trouble with this area since the repair was done over 1 year ago!